It's my life...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catching up

I’ve been too worried about Marz and so busy catching up with college that I’ve let this slide a bit. But she seems over the worst of it now, tho she’s still a funny colour and hasn’t any inclination to go out. That sleaze Marco from the bar rang up, says if she’s not back there by the end of the week she’s out on her ear. I told him ‘Thanks, she’s dying in the next room – that should just about finish her off.’ ‘I’m not a bloody charity for retired toms,’ he said, so I gave him a mouthful and put the phone down. That’s probably the end of that then. I didn’t tell her he’d rung – what’d be the point?

Funny thing is that it’s kinda good to know where she is, even tho she’s getting pretty demanding now she’s a bit better. But she’s off the hard stuff, and that has to be a good thing.

Been looking out for Calla, but haven’t noticed so much as the smell of her and her moth-balled red boa. But on the way home today I heard footsteps behind me and the next thing I know is that Pete’s walking next to me and I’m telling him to fuck off before his crazy girlfriend tries to beat me up again, and he’s saying, ‘Yeah, she told me. How’s that for love, eh?’ and I’m saying that if he doesn’t leave me alone I’ll… but I don’t get the chance to finish because coming towards us is Andy in his uniform and Pete takes one look at him and disappears like the rat he is. They say you’re never more than seven feet away from one. And I’m like… gobsmacked, but I act cool and Andy says ‘What’s happened to your friend?’ and I say ‘He’s no friend of mine,’ and Andy says ‘I’m glad to hear it, because that one’s bad news.’ And then he looks at me, kinda soft, and says, ‘You never rang me,’ and I almost fall down on the pavement. But I tell him about Marz and he asks if she’s seen the quack as if he really cares – I mean really cares – and I tell him no, but she’s nearly better now, and he says he has to go, but I’m looking better too, not so starved, and don’t forget to ring. And I’m wondering if I should feel mad at that but somehow I can’t, and thinking it’d be good to have him as a brother, and why’s there only me when Marz has been pretty active in her day. Maybe I’ll ask her tonight.